What's wrong with this "after college" picture?

To get a job you must have experience, but to get experience you must have a job. This is the conundrum that our society has thrown many a  college graduate into on the day he's handed his diploma. Instead of leaving college fully equipped to enter a professional job, He finds himself suddenly with all the head knowledge, but none of the practical skills.

Although this 20 something young man is our bright and shining future, no one wants to hire him. He still needs to be taught everything and most people aren't willing to take the time or the risk in their business. Somehow that book education he got didn’t teach him how to DO anything, he just knows how to talk about it. Sure, he could take his diploma and start out in a very small paying job in his field of interest, and that would help him build up the experience so he can start his career. Sounds like a solution right?

There’s just a minor hitch. He has student loans which he has to start paying a few months after he graduates. The student loans were granted with the projection that he would leave college and enter a full time, high paying job in his industry. But it's not happening.

This promising young graduate steps off the platform with his diploma and suddenly finds himself scrambling for quick money. He needs to be able to pay his loans and that's a forced priority, so gaining experience becomes a secondary thought. He searches with growing desperation to find the job of his dreams and finally abandons his diploma and career field (temporarily) while he works as a waiter or bartender to pay his bills.

All the sudden, instead of starting to give to business and society in a lucrative career, our "future" is spending his most formative years washing tables and making small talk.

This could be fine for a time, but unfortunately paying those loans won't take months, but years.  So he find himself in the same predicament year after year. He's not able to use his degree because he lacks experience, he can't work a small paying job because of student loans, and his potential and passion is becoming buried and slowly forgotten.

The simplest, yet scariest solution to this problem:

Take responsibility for your own education and career path.

This could mean working to gain experience in conjunction with getting a college degree, or maybe even choosing an alternative path to college. There are many ways to avoid this predicament, but all of them require you to carefully consider the future. You'll have to get a little creative instead of just following the traditional route planned out for you.

Why I’m Excited About The Idea of Lego’s

The other day I found myself in The Lego Store. It looked exactly like a candy store with the brightly colored Legos in containers built into the wall. The design of the store was modern, with clean lines and brightly colored walls. Their were glass cases  displaying everything from Lego key chains to model airplanes. 

There were many adults happily spending money on these Legos. To think that they originated as toys, but were now collector’s items!

I was struck, not by the seemingly frivolous use of money for these plastic trinkets, but rather, by the realization that we are a privileged society to even have the opportunity to do this!

We are privileged to have hobbies. When people have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, there is very little time, energy or inclination to develop hobbies unrelated to basic survival.   Building a Star Wars Lego robot might be dreamed of, but never created.

These things exist because we’ve been blessed with the ability to pursue things that we truly enjoy. Those things which add distinction and definition to each of us.

Every person has basic needs. When those have been met, however, we all enjoy different hobbies or pastimes. We are a rich society. Not just because we have more than enough food, but because we have the ability to choose, and pursue our own weird interests. What wonderful options and opportunities we have! Stop by The Lego Store sometime, Why? Because it exists and you can! Also that robot is quite the engineering feat :)