Done in a day

You won't get everything done today. Is that frustrating? Here’s the thing, once you get everything done, there is no use for you to even be alive! Once we finish everything we set out to do, unless we start something else, we're useless.

My point is not to worry that we'll become useless; we naturally add things to our list and start new projects once we have completed others, so I'm not concerned that we'll run out of things to do. But to those of us who are frantically trying to finish everything before the end of the day. I ask:

To what purpose?

Why do you want to get EVERYTHING done? If you actually succeeded at that, then tomorrow what would you do?

When I ask myself that question, I don't have a satisfying answer.

So my suggestion is: we need to re-orient our end of day goal. It shouldn’t be to get everything we can possibly think of done. Instead it should be to move our work and relationships forward to a place where we've made progress and it's a good stopping point.

Never fear, we will complete things, but most will take more than a day, so we need to stop thinking we can get everything done in a day and then beating ourselves up because we didn’t get there!