Technology has become such a huge part of our lives that we hardly remember life without it. We don’t know what it’s like to go a day without being connected to the world, our friends, and media. Recently I conducted an experiment where I went on vacation and left every technology device at home. I refused to talk on the phone, check my email or be otherwise connected to anyone or anything that was not in my immediate sight. It was a wonderful, restful, happy time.

It’s not feasible to do that consistently, but an occasional unplug from technology can refresh and invigorate. It forces us to entertain ourself, contemplate life, talk to those we are with, and be in the moment.

Les Miserables

The movie Les Miserables was extremely thought provoking.

I was struck by the fact that college boys were so moved by the thought of freedom that they were willing to die for it. These boys were fueling a movement, starting a revolution while in college.

These were mere boys by our standards. Boys who in our world, at this age are generally playing beer pong and sleeping through classes.

It’s not that college boys now aren’t capable of such bravery and resolve, but they haven’t needed to be. A pattern is seen in history where men are strong, and courageous fighting for things they believe in, and then men prosper. Once men prosper they start to become soft, and they become less vigilant in protecting their rights. Then they begin to lose what they worked so hard for (or their parents did). They then have to strengthen themselves, harden their resolve, and fight for what they believe in. This is the cycle.

Our generation of men have the ability to rise to the occasion, to fight with passion and conviction for what they believe in, but they’ve never been tested. So although we have more knowledge at our disposal, more technology and intelligence, we don’t showcase courage the way those men did during the French Revolution because our circumstances don’t force us to.

We should try to break the cycle and remain strong and courageous throughout good and difficult times. This seems like a better idea than just repeating history right?


Technology is a wonderful part of our lives but remember to still enjoy human interaction.

  • Smiles instead of emoticons
  • Lisps instead of typos
  • Group conversation instead of chat rooms
  • Announcements instead of Reply All
  • Passing notes instead of texting
  • Hugs instead of xoxo
  • Belly laughter instead of LOL
  • Eye contact instead of glowing screens....

The internet has drastically changed our way of living. However, we shouldn’t get too wrapped up in our virtual world. We should step out to experience the real world occasionally. Trust me, it’s a great experience!