Our History

Take the time to have conversations with older people, you will benefit. They have stories to tell which you will never hear if you don’t ask. Stories about war, love, bravery, family, and fortune. You can learn what was socially acceptable, how they entertained themselves, what they dressed like. They’ll tell enchanting stories about street corner soda shops, small towns and friday evening dances. From them we will hear firsthand accounts of world events that will be remembered and preserved for many years. What is history to us, was our grandparents reality. Those events shaped their lives. It affected where they lived, what they talked about, and it shaped their goals and identities. What an honor and privilege to listen to those stories which molded our grandparents generation. Through them we can see and understand what the world was like before we arrived.

They have lived through an era that we can only read about in history books, so pull up a chair and listen, you will be enthralled.